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Page 53

By April 1, 2018No Comments

How exciting it is to finish writing a novel.

After the euphoria of finishing the manuscript subsides, reality grips you and sends you crashing to earth as you call on old business cells in the left side of your brain, the ones you retired from, the ones that drove you crazy to succeed at all cost, risk your body and soul in order to accumulate things.

I always said when I finish my first novel I would be content to lay it proudly on the corner of my desk. Then I finished the second one and now Aaron’s War and it is a published product. I dreaded the business side of authoring–I understand many authors do–so no wonder when I began to wade through the chaos I face challenges and had to force myself to press on.

It was exciting to receive a box of my finished books until I started hearing that Amazon was canceling orders without explanation and then learned the page 53 was blank. Not just a blank page, but a page of missing type. Now I had a box of beautiful door stops, or hard as it was to imagine recyclables. The publisher replaced the books with another box of books, but they too were missing page 53.
One friend asked for one of these exceptional books with the missing page 53. I told him I would send page 53 when he got to that section of the book.
My apologies to readers for the false alarm and the hassles. Aaron’s War is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and certain local bookstores.