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The Imposters -The Winds of Time

Randa Hamwi Duwaji is a member of one of my writer’s groups. She is a poet and author of children books, including Heartbeats in the Wind, Reflections of an Arab Woman.

She has researched the Quran as written in the original Arabic language. Christianity is not the enemy of Islam and not Jesus, who is sited 93 times and referred to over 187 times in the Quran.

One of the subtle themes of Aaron’s War is Arron’s religious confusion. The German’s he was asked to kill were praying to the same God he was. As he trudged across German he saw magnificent churches and synagogues like the ones back home, all the while tormented by the fact that his Jewish father and his betrothed wife Mary’s pastor father refused for them to marry.

The Imposters -The Winds of Time
Look not toward me
With anger frown
I am inviolable
You can’t put me down

Though some wear my colors
Some flaunt my robes
Yet a person should never
Be judged by his clothes

They’re not I, the ones
Whom governments ban,
Branded as terriorists
Of civilized man

I am peace on earth
Prosperity for all
I unite both body and soul

I am God’s message
Of flawed perfection
When people of faith
Follow my direction:
I bring out the best in man!
I am, yes
I am Islam

But you, whether a stranger
Or estranged
May not see that
Which is so plain:
Faith and good conduct
Are one and the same
I am both…no
I am not just a name
Misused by so many
Who cannot explain
How the most beautiful picture
Got the ugliest frame

It is such a shame
And now,
Who is to blame?

Oh Muslim by name
Who by conduct deny me
You are at fault
Your concept of faith
Has no foundation
In wisdom or revelation

But there are others,
Muslims who are true
Who attack not their brethren
As I’ve see you do
Who never treat enemies
With injustice or oppression
Who never sever or mutilate
Or silence opposition
Whose judgement aren’t clouded by Hate

These people bear my trait

They shall bear my colors
And wear my robes
Their faces shall outshine
The brightest of their clothes

In me is their true pride
And my pride in them is justified
They earned it, by blood and by sweat
Weathering the cold, weathering the heat

By constant trials after defeat
Knowing they’re losing, yet going on
Until, winning, they’re unmindful
That they’ve won
And still they go on
To higher achievements that seem
Attainable only in dreams

So do not blame me
It is not I whom you see
Persons misguided
Don’t represent me

I bring out the best in Man
I am Muslim


  • Maggie Westvold says:

    Oh, to get our citizens to calm down and read and understand that Muslims, true to their faith, their hearts, are not represented by those who want us dead.