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Breath of the Lion – Passage

By April 27, 2019No Comments

At one point in the book, Sean, the main character, reaches a low point in life and has a dream:

When sleep came, he dreamed he was walking in an open field where grass seemed as tall as trees. The day had started out with the deepest blue sky, but as he walked on, the sky showed white puffy clouds, which merged and swelled and quickly turned angry and dark. He sensed danger was lurking in the tall grass, and the image of a lion crouched in the grass appeared. He turned. The eyes of a lion stalked him. 

Sean panicked and started to run. At first, he couldn’t move and then the faster he tried to run, the slower he went. He was confused. He had always admired lions, even loved them. They were beautiful animals. He would never harm them, but now, he was their prey. 

The lion dragged him down. As his resistance waned, and he succumbed to its power, and will, he wondered if such a beautiful creature would really harm him. Was this play? He had seen him every day at the watering hole.

The lion knew he had won, and exhausted, basking in the glory of a victorious hunt, momentarily lay beside him. As the lion rested, he could hear him pant and feel his breath. 

Sean lifted his head to look into the lion’s eyes, searching for a sign of hope. A solitary tear forged a stream down his face, which soon became a river. As life drained from him, he stared at the magnificent godly fashioned creature with sadness, and wonderment.  Why was he doing this to Sean?  He would never have harmed him.