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Another poem, this one about my favorite baseball team, The Chicago Cubs

By September 6, 2020July 22nd, 2023No Comments

What Could Have Been
—By Stew Cohen

Upon the passing of Hall of Famer Lou Brock
His ascending star in hindsight was a certain lock.
Few of us however, recognized what was ahead.
Yet, the Cards knew his blazing speed could cause dread
Upon the teams Brock may play against.
Let him hit and run with abandon…never fenced.
But Lou was a Chicago Cub, an up and comer
Playing in the outfield for the boys of summer.
Three years a Cub, though never a star.
Time to cut him loose, he’ll never go far
And pick up a good pitcher, what a steal!
Ernie Broglio, from the Cardinals signed and sealed.
The deal in June of 64, what could go wrong?
Left the Cubs with a pitcher strong,
And the Cards an outfielder fast on his feet,
If baseball were merely a track meet.
Broglio would lose over and over in a route.
The Cubs fortunes fizzled out.
As they learned their pitcher was badly hurt.
Though Brock was the best kicking up dirt.
For the Cardinals, the new outfielder would show stardom was just ahead.
Brock’s stolen bases and hits were a sample of how he led.
Lou has passed away at the age of 81…a hero of Cardinal lore.
He could turn around games with his base stealing speed and often score.
Look at Cubs fans perspective on Brock and his World Series leadership.
In 1969 with Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins, Ron Santo, and Leo the Lip,
Maybe having Brock’s bat and legs could have righted the Cubs ship.
Year after year, the Cubs would have sailed
ahead of the Mets and Cardinals, never to fail.
His passing brings up…the “what could have been blues,”
In all the seasons the Cubs were bound to lose.
The man known as “The Franchise” is mourned by many fans
None more so than the Cubs shouting from the stands.
Lou, Lou, Lou….sounded like boo.
But we imagined Brock as a Cub again coming through
And then opened our eyes and realized what was true.
He was standing on second, a stolen base in the dust.
Showing only a part of why the Hall of Fame was a must.
Lou Brock took the Cards to the top.
Brock for Broglio, forever known as the biggest flop.
Sixteen seasons with the Cards, three with the Cubs.
Yet, his life was more than just as a member of these clubs.
Lou Brock was a great man on and off the field….many players will say.
Their accolades of him will be what’s remembered each and every day.